WILDRAX Balconette Sports Bra


No Uniboob For You

Sports Bra + Lingerie Bra = Balconette Sports Bra

Breakthrough the monotony of sports bras for your bustier size.


Balconette Sports Bra

A high-performance sexy and luxurious sports bra for fuller bust women.

Inspired by balconette-style lingerie bras, our Balconette Sports Bra bridges the gap between sports bra + lingerie bra. Embark on a new style, seamlessly merge high fashion + fitness, and complement your active lifestyle.


Limited Edition

Girl leaning on the wall holding a Starbucks drinks wearing balconette sports bra with a clutch purse mesh black top and shiny leather shorts

What We're Known For

  • Focus on larger bust sizes

    Our niche is D+ cup sizes. We know the struggle of finding a stylish and supportive sports bra for larger breasts.

    Why balconette 
  • Rethink the aesthetics

    Look forward to wearing your bra for an entire day. WILDRAX is where style meets comfort and luxury.

    How we define luxury 
  • Redesign the bra cups

    Encapsulated bra cups feel like two hands are holding your bosom. Our cups are designed & manufactured to fit larger sizes.

    Why bra cups matter 
  • Merge high fashion & fitness

    Wear our new and modern bra while working out, running errands, or as part of your chic outfit. Enter sportsgerie.

    What is sportsgerie 
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