Bra Cup Sizes - Uncovering The Truth About Wearing Incorrect Bra Sizes

Do you know how many articles are written about women wearing the incorrect bra cup sizes? A lot! I dare you to search “women wear the wrong bra size.” Fourteen years ago (2008), there was a study published in the journal Chiropractic & Osteopathy that inferred 80 percent of women wore the wrong bra cup size. Of those women, 70 percent wore bras that were too small, and 10 percent wore bras that were too large. You think any of this has changed in 2022? Maybe.

What has changed is more women are training themselves in bra-sizing, especially as they continue to lead active lifestyles. Many of us know the importance of learning to measure ourselves from bra size guides, video tutorials, professional bra fitters, or articles. I believe more women than ever before are discovering they are more bustier and landing in the D+ cup size category.  

Uncovering the truth about Bra Cup Sizes

Finding the best sports bra in the United States for D+ cups sizes can be challenging even when you are shopping for a luxury sports bra. I’m going to uncover two things you should know about bra cup sizes:

  1. There is no “standard” rule to determine bra cup sizes. Every brand can decide what is the right sizing for them because it depends on their market and specific target customer. 
  2. You can easily wear multiple bra cup sizes depending on the brand and style. That's because of grading. In simple words, grading is the process a brand goes through to create a range of sizes by increasing or decreasing the size of the original garment style. 


Rather than thinking you wear only one bra cup size and it’s the same no matter the brand and style, get to know your measurements. Especially as you fluctuate in weight, it’s a good idea to become familiar with your bust and underbust measurements using a soft flexible measuring tape. Then, you can review the brand’s size guide to see what bra cup sizes you land on. 

I hope this was helpful to you!


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