Active women wearing D+ cup sizes deserve Sportsgerie!

Active women wearing D+ cup sizes deserve their own category of bras.

Any women out there frustrated and struggling to find a luxury, chic and versatile sports bra for your D+ boobs? I share your pain. The sports bra world is saturated with many styles from many brands. All the cute ones were never available in my size. It was very disappointing. Along with other women, I’ve been searching for a sports bra that is aesthetically balanced between luxurious femininity and strength, which allows me to wear it almost anywhere; while running errands, exercising, and the option to wear it as part of a chic outfit.

Enter Sportsgerie

Given my consistency and perseverance to crystalize my focus, I embarked on a new frontier in the world of sports bras. As I inspected my closet of sports bras and lingerie bras, I asked myself, “why can’t a sports bra look like a lingerie bra?” Given that one of my favorite lingerie bra styles is the balconette, it made sense. I love that it is designed with a plunging neckline and gives just enough lift to accentuate my bust without being too revealing. I wanted a sports bra with similar attributes. Generally speaking, the sports bra world doesn’t consider aesthetics for D+ cup sizes for an active fashionista, but rather they are designed for low impact, medium impact, and high impact activities with less attention as a wearable fashion.

With my wild imagination to fill this gap, I created a new space that harmoniously combines the attributes of a sports bra and lingerie bra as sportsgerie.


Let’s Get Wild

Really, it hasn’t been done for D+ cup sizes. Entering this new space is my brand, Wildrax, an American luxury sports bra brand that effortlessly combines luxury and cutting edge style for active and bustier women wearing D+ cup sizes. Breaking the monotony of sports bras available in the marketplace, the launch of the Balconette Sports Bra is garnering attention.

The evolution into sportsgerie for active fashionistas was to end my search for a modern and amazing alternative to traditional sports bras.

No one has designed it and I haven’t seen the trend popping up anywhere until I came along. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I was on to something that would be unique, supportive, chic, and expressive.


As an emerging industry-leader, Wildrax is recognizing the sports bra trends and design for active fashionistas wearing D+ cup sizes. We believe that active women wearing D+ cup sizes deserve their own category of bras. Discover Sportsgerie!


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