How Luxury Brands Define and Rethink Aesthetics in 2022

Luxury brands are a niche market satisfying specific market needs.

WILDRAX is one of America’s luxury brands and rewriting the luxury rulebook. As a new frontier brand, we take to center stage our wild imagination through rethinking the aesthetics of a luxury sports bra for the authentic and independent spirit woman wearing D+ cup sizes. The ideal customer is not only knowledgeable because she is well-traveled, but it’s also her feeling confident in her own style. She's unafraid to mix the Balconette Sports Bra, a pair of shorts, and a pair of pumps or mix it with her existing activewear wardrobe.

We’re a small brand and niche brand. Remarkably, consumers crave aspirational styles and have access to luxury brands that would rather invest in timeless and high-quality pieces not worn by everybody. Rather than mainstream brands, consumers are gravitating towards niche brands. 

Luxury brands are fadeless

Our philosophy is deeply entrenched in quality, design, and forward-thinking. Looking at the marketplace there was a noticeable gap in beautiful sports bras for active women who were D+ cup sizes. It made sense that development was not done overseas and partnered closely with a USA manufacturer. More energy was put into creating the garment so it does not fade after one season. Production of the Balconette Sports Bra is handled in smaller series versus mass production.

Luxury brands redefine activewear

Luxury Brand Sports Bra

High-end brands and retailers invested tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaigns dedicated to athleisure, which in recent years has been recognized as a massive opportunity in designer sportswear. The category is filled with premium luxury labels serving luxury consumers. The price is usually justified by the amount of attention to detail that went into selecting the appropriate fabric, development, design, and construction.

Luxury brands stay timeless

Research and development are extremely important to me. The Balconette Sports Bra is more than just a bra. I was motivated to start a new luxury brand, open the door to a new category called sportsgerie, and highlight a contemporary design integrating it with timeless style and aesthetics.

The Balconette Sports Bra is a much-loved stylish and versatile luxury sports bra on the market among luxury brands that every modern trendsetter needs in her life.

Activate you.

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