Why do women prefer balconette sports bra style over other styles these days?

The Balconette sports bra style is getting more popular every day. Think about the last time you were in a lingerie store or browsed online or on Instagram, which style bra did you spend the most time gravitating towards or, at least, caught your eye--full, demi, or a balconette style bra? In other words, did you spend more time perusing bras that fully cover your boobs or show off your bosom and neckline?


I’ve discovered most women prefer the balconette sports bra style. It’s the easiest to wear because they flatter most women's décolletage (neckline). 

Balconette Sports Bra Style


Both the balconette style bra and demi-cup styles offer less coverage than full cup bras. The demi word means "half" in French. So the demi style bra gives less coverage. The balconette style bra also gives less coverage but pushes the boobs up to create visible cleavage and a sweetheart shape. But to be honest with you, these design differences and the two names swing back and forth depending on style and size. 


Familiarity with bra cup styles is helpful and points to your romantic profile persona. For many of you, bras need to reflect your inner and physical strength, intellect, independence, active lifestyle, and sumptuousness. Therefore, niche brands are created to be the rule breakers that invest in timeless and high-quality products, like Wildrax.  

Similar to regular lingerie bras, you probably own several sports bras that you use for different types of exercises or activities. At my gym, I see bustier size women wearing unstructured sports bras that don’t do a good job of holding up their breasts. But you probably haven’t seen a sports bra that is inspired by the balconette style. 


A versatile balconette style bra is surprisingly flattering for a sports bra. It equips classic sports bra features like fabric designed to be sweat-wicking, antibacterial, and super soft cups. Don’t be surprised if you get more compliments. 


Making of balconette sports bra style


When I created the Balconette Sports Bra, I sought to create a piece that inspires natural confidence in you. It’s a sassy sportsgerie that’s made to be seen. These days Balconette Sports Bra style is on the rise. The popularity of this style is growing on social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest.

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