Sexy Sports Bras Are About Going Shirtless

The transformation of sports bras has moved far along from the days of sports activities to becoming more deliberate about style. What was once considered a simple apparel has evolved to the point to be worn everyday as a fashion staple


Vintage Sexy Sports Bras


Other brands have entered the arena with their sexy sports bras, offering moisture wicking, straps, removable cups, mesh paneling, racerbacks, and low-cut coverage, designed to be anything but an undergarment. The best sexy sports bras look good enough to wear as a stand-alone top at your next yoga or barre class and even well after you leave the gym.


Vintage Sexy Sports Bras

Sexy Sports Bras or Reasons To Wear The Balconette Sports Bra

A good reason to consider this sexy sports bra is anyone who’s ever taken a studio class jammed with people knows how sweaty and sticky these rooms can get, like a heated yoga class or a powerful cycling class. Honestly, you might go shirtless because you are just really hot. 

Another reason is you are proud of your progress, in better shape and feel more comfortable with your body.

Lastly, you can set a style statement workout in your sexy sports bra as a crop top to create a brand new attire. There are more reason to wear the Balconette Sports Bra.

Here’s an eye-opening question

Where have you seen a sexy sports bra that is elegant but raw, identifiable but unique, futuristic but modern, and luxe but practical? 

There are a lot of trending looks on Instagram, other luxury fashion brands, and in stores that are very cute and great for light to medium intensity workouts but very, very, few are designed for larger bust with attributes of a sexy sports bra. Without sugarcoating it they all start to look about the same. 


The ingenuity and meaningful ideation that goes into creating a beautiful luxury sports bra designed to be a style statement and versatile are usually reserved for the couture fashion runway or custom-made designs. Rather than copying most sexy sports bras that are graded for small, medium, and large sizes the Balconette Sport Bra is made with a beautiful plunging neckline with couture designed bra cups to provide extra coverage on the side of your boobs. And that’s just what we need.

“Sportsgerie” - The New Category For Sexy Sports Bra Athleisure

I foresee “sexy” sports bra continuing on design transformation by emerging independent designers who are rulebreakers willing to push the envelope for sophisticated consumers. More and more women are asking for a portmanteau bra with attributes from lingerie and sports bras known as sportsgerie. A term that I coined.

Sexy Sports Bras - Sportsgerie Style


While I admit unstructured sexy sports bras tend to give me the uniboob look, I believe they can become seriously sweet to wear with the right kind of structure. The Balconette Sports Bra is designed with the right amount of structure, cleavage, and side boob coverage. 

Most sports bras that fall under the category of “sexy” are sized up from small to x-large which leaves a market gap of women who have a larger bust size, like 32DD, 32F, or 34DD underserved. 


Since there are so many sexy sports bras for small-chested, my mission is to include the attributes of a sexy sports bra and to cater more towards the larger bust sizes. 


Activate you.


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