Top 5 Reasons You Need a Balconette Sports Bra After Breast Augmentation

When I plunged into creating a sports bra for my D+ cup size, I was shocked to find out that women genuinely loved my sports bra after breast augmentation surgery. I found this fascinating because it’s commonly recommended by surgeons to their patients to wear an unstructured sports bra similar to the ones you see from this Adidas sports bra tweet.


As I was doing a little probing online, I wind-up learning a couple of reasons sports bras are used for post-breast augmentation surgery. It’s because they provide compression and are wireless. On the other hand,  this can be uncomfortable for some women due to a lack of support. Also, bra sizes don’t have a national standard as I mentioned in Bra Cup Sizes - Uncovering The Truth About Wearing Incorrect Bra Sizes. So it’s easier to pick from a small, medium, or large sizing category. 


How come the Balconette Sports Bra is successful with women who now need a sports bra after breast augmentation?

Here are the top 5 reasons you might need a balconette type sports bra after breast augmentation:

1. Front Closure 

Instead of stretching your chest muscles post-surgery to close your bra in the back,  having a bra with a front zipper makes it easy to put on and take off. 

2. Elastic Band

There’s no pinching of your skin. It sits nicely wrapped around your rib cage and takes the pressure off your back. 

3. Adjustable Straps

Adjust the back of the straps to your comfort level.

4. Encapsulation Cups

 Rather than a single space for your breasts to share, they can each have their own space and snuggled in their own cup.

5. Versatile Style

You can match your Balconette Sports Bra with a chic outfit of your choice. You can still look gorgeous!


Don’t forget to always refer to our bra size fit guide when looking for the perfect sports bra for you. It is important you feel confident and prepared when searching for the right sports bra after breast augmentation.


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