One Shoulder Sports Bra: Does it really work for D+ cup sizes?


One Shoulder Sports Bra

“Way 2 Sexy” by Drake is beating into my Bose headphones as I continue to climb on the StairMaster. The subtle gym gazing of people around is inevitable. I can sense strangers' eyes glancing at me. I’m shirtless as I expose my Balconette Sports Bra. The StairMaster in front of me is occupied by a woman wearing a super chic one shoulder sports bra. It’s easy to think this trend of going shirtless by wearing chic sports bras is slowing down. It’s not. 


I gazed at the back of her one shoulder sports bra knowing she was deliberate about style. She definitely cared what the bra looks like and how her chest looks in it. Most likely, it has removable pads and is consistent with medium support as most one shoulder sports bras are designed. 

So does one shoulder sports bra provide support? Have you wondered if it really works?

The one shoulder sports bra reminds me of a sporty version of a bandeau bra. Removable pads don’t provide support or any structure, it just covers the nipple. It is disappointing to see how many options there are for women with a smaller bust, but little for a larger bust. The marketplace is saturated with options for them. I can understand why this is the case. They are easier to make. 


“Level Up” by Ciara is counting down, “Five, four, three, two, one” and I take it up a notch on the StairMaster. My luxury brand fantasy was to create a sports bra that had all the attributes of the Balconette Sports Bra - plunging neckline, breathable, supportive, and stylish. When I try on a one shoulder sports bra, I get zero support and I don’t like the way my bosom looks in it or the removable pads. It didn’t feel like it belonged to me. 


The monotony styles of sports bras in the marketplace can make you believe that’s all there is. That there isn’t a brand with a strong identity to fulfill psychological and emotional needs. How much more confident do you feel about yourself when you can wear a sports bra that fits magically on you? 


There is no denying how cool, sexy, modern, and luxurious the design of the Balconette Sports Bra is for soft wearability and versatility. It's a classic piece that’s excellent for indoor workouts, summer adventures, or an outdoor date night. 


“Whatever it takes” by Imagine Dragons is evoking energy in me and I take it up another notch. The brand WILDRAX identity resonates with women who are unapologetic and authentic. They are ready for the top and will do whatever it takes. They jumped hurdles, felt broken down, and rebuilt themselves. For those women who wear D+ cups sizes, there were not many options. 


One shoulder sports bras are usually sized as small, medium, and large, so a woman over a D-cup will have a different experience. The asymmetry design gives a bit of interest to your outfits but you could end up bouncing around more than you like.


While I admit that the one shoulder sports bra design offers style and versatility, now there’s a sports bra that is worth considering that doesn’t compromise on support, style, and soft wearability. Our Balconette Sports Bra is breaking the monotony of sports bras in the marketplace for D+ cup sizes and we believe that women prefer balconette sports bra style over other styles these days. You don’t have to sacrifice classic design and individual style anymore. 

"Individual style is the correct balance of knowing who you are, what works for you, and how to develop your own personality." – Giorgio Armani.


Activate you.

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