How to Get Back into a Workout Routine 4 Useful Tips


Get back into a workout routine


2023 is in three months and you want to get back into a workout routine before the year end. It seems downright impossible to think about fitness between work commitments, family, relationship obligations, social events, traveling, and trying out new things to enjoy your life. The fall season ramps up with a series of busy days that don’t seem to end.  Adding anything else to your plate seems like a daunting task. Don’t get distracted by things that have absolutely nothing to do with accomplishing your goals.

Living an active lifestyle comes with having a busy routine. It’s not like you are an ambitious lazy woman. I was once told if you want to get something done, give it to a busy person. 

How do we get back into a workout routine?

1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier 

You thought I was going to say give me ten pushups? Nah. It’s all so mental. Not only are we juggling the physical routine but we are juggling the mental routine. 

If you are like me it’s easy to ignore the mindset. Focus on what you have to gain instead of what you have to give up. The main focus here is about finding a few peaceful moments to yourself. You will discover the substantial benefits that you can’t live without. 

You determine what you want to do during this time. But whatever you, do not go through your phone. Do not allow yourself to get distracted. 

Some examples are: 

  • Having more time to get ready in the morning 
  • Enjoying a cup of coffee
  • Going for a walk to clear your mind
  • Meditating or doing some yoga movement
  • Listening to music

2. Expose yourself to the morning sun

As the days continue to get shorter and nights longer, you might feel yourself having less time. Stepping outside in the morning to get some sunlight offers a couple of good benefits:

  1. Regulate your circadian rhythm: helps regulate your natural sleep and wake cycles. And bring some natural, mood-boosting feeling into your mornings. 
  2. Boost your immune system: a study at Georgetown University Medical Center found sunlight increases the movement of your T cells which help with keeping a strong immune system and sunlight helps your body to produce vitamin D. 


And if you enjoy the outdoors there’s research supporting infrared light that you are exposed to from early morning sunlight is important to prepare your skin for a day in the sun.

3. Ease your way back

Not all exercises have to be HIIT, unless that’s your thing. It can be more low impact exercises like yoga, pilates, or walking and maybe you include moderate strength training. When re-entering into your workouts take a metered approach. That could be starting with a short workout and increasing it on a weekly basis. Or, work with a trainer who can align your nutrition and fitness goals based on your lifestyle, such as online personal trainer Julie Lohre.

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Mix it up. Going to the gym every day is not a requirement. Being more flexible with the type of exercises can help you stick with the process and enjoy it.

4. Schedule it

It’s important to me to make time specifically for my workouts. An important organizing tool is my calendar. It helps me manage the small distractions that seem to creep up throughout the day. 

There’s no “perfect time” to workout, it’s truly about your personal schedule and preferences. For me, evenings work better during the week and daytime during the weekends. There are non-negotiables that I can’t move around so I schedule my workouts around them.

Final words

This week I took some time to reflect on how I got back into an exercise routine. Ultimately, I felt I didn’t have control over a part of my life. I felt so busy with all the multifaceted aspects going on in my life that I felt overwhelmed. But to see any results from my exercise routines sticking to a good nutrition plan is very important. Some of this can be more mental than physical and so I needed to reconnect. Therefore, I enjoy taking yoga classes a few times a week and strength training.


And when I'm off the mat and feel the need to take a step back to be present in my moment, I continue to take three to five ujjayi breaths. Lastly, I come back home and take off my front zipper sports bra in one easy move. My body keeps flowing even though my muscles are tired, stretched, and finally relaxed...

Finally, don’t compare yourself and don’t compare what others are doing for their workouts because your life needs to be handled in your way. A key predictor of success is going to be your optimism! It is not easy to get back into a workout routine unless you keep a positive mindset.


Activate you.

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