Front zipper sports bra benefits for yoga and high-intensity exercises for large breasts

Have you ever had a front zipper sports bra? Well, let me tell you about my experience! There’s thirty minutes remaining before I need to drive to my evening yoga class. I walked into my laundry room to grab my Balconette Sports Bra that was dry hanging on the rack next to the open door. As I grabbed the sports bra, I slid my arms through the straps, slightly hinged forward at the waist to get the front of the bra under my bust and then zip up.

 Front closure zipper

I always take the next step to do a quick scoop adjustment to make sure I’m settled in the front. I just love the front closure design that makes it easy to put on. I packed my gym bag knowing I will be drenched in sweat after class, grabbed a cold bottle of water, picked up my purse sitting on the kitchen counter bar stool, and started the car. 


It's been at least a month since I started to do something different by prioritizing yoga over strength training. I take a mix between Vinyasa, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Power Yoga. Inside the yoga studio was already a warm temperature that will easily reach 90 degrees fahrenheit to prepare for the Flow class which is a challenging Vinyasa-style class. Increasing my yoga practice to three or four times a week at Life Time has increased my flexibility and mobility, especially, with my stabilizer muscles.

Front Zipper and Yoga Posing 

I’ve been focusing on realigning my body and mental focus on something other than the next task. For the hour that I’m in my yoga practice, I focus on incorporating ujjayi pranayama breathing technique. The idea is to stay connected with my inhale/exhale for the duration of my yoga practice. I’ve learned linking my breath to movement improves my concentration while deepening my mental stillness and building my internal body heat.  


As I move through the various yoga postures, I don’t have the urge to adjust my Balconette Sports Bra. It’s a bombshell sports bra that’s perfect for these intimate yoga classes.


The main benefits of the front zipper sports bra are:

  • The underwire keeps the breasts lifted during my yoga practice 
  • The breasts are encapsulated in the bra cups which  provide a fitting lift
  • Adjustable racerback straps, front zipper closure, and mesh detail work together to create an awesome and supportive bra



I can remain focused on my ujjayi breath and be present in the moment.  

As the yoga class winds down, I can see the sweat puddles as I move into Savanasa pose to allow both my body and mind to relax. The class comes to an end and I grab a sanitizing spray and wipe down my mat. I quickly head over to the women’s locker room, easily unzip the Balconette Sports Bra and get ready to take a shower and head home. 

By becoming more introspective, I feel proud of what I accomplished. Perhaps you have felt the same way when you tried something new or incorporated a new routine into your busy life.


As cliché as this is going to sound, yoga is a journey to bring peace to my mind and body. The amount of effort and sacrifice it has taken for a new designer like myself to bring forward a luxury sports bra that hasn’t been developed before with front zipper closure and structural support is a dream come true. It’s not because it was the easiest way to design it. As a matter of fact, it was one of the hurdles I had to overcome. I’m going to go out on the edge here to anecdotally say most luxury activewear sports bras with front zipper closure have limited support and don’t have a modern and aesthetic appeal for larger breasts. 


And when I'm off the mat and feel the need to take a step back to be present in my moment, I continue to take three to five ujjayi breaths. Lastly, I come back home and take off my front zipper sports bra in one easy move. My body keeps flowing even though my muscles are tired, stretched, and finally relaxed...


Activate you.

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