8 Problems Only Women With Large Breast Will Understand

8 problems women large breasts


I was thinking how I can share with you some of the top problems that have been a challenge for me with my breast size over the years. What seems like problems only women with large breasts will understand starts to morph into research within a changeable spectrum of those who believe smaller breast size is easier to manage versus larger breast and the psychological attractives of breast size.

When you have larger breasts you typically need to pay more attention to detail on your style and have various styles of bras. I firmly believe, just like you memorizing your phone number, memorize your bust and underbust measurements. You never know when a casual window or online hopping may turn into a bra buying spree. Check my helpful guide on how to meaure your size properly in case you haven't done it already!

As a young adult and in comparison to my close friends,we made it trendy to describe my larger breast size as cantaloupes, a bit of witticism that makes me laugh even today! I don’t consider my boobs a body part that I struggle with anymore. Over the years with body muscle recomposition the look has changed. Women just like me gain a renewed sense of self.


The challenges below don’t stop me from living an active life. Living an active lifestyle with larger breasts doesn’t mean I compromise on what I want to wear. The term “active” has had its definition become more prominent by the athleisure world. Living an active lifestyle doesn’t exclude style necessary for certain occasions or events. My brand’s slogan “Activate you” and in which I try to end all my blog posts that way, means it’s your physical effort, action, and nimbleness in your busy life that affects your self-empowerment. 

Here are eight problems women with large breasts can understand:

1. Boobs are always touching the ground when doing a push-up

A correct form push-up doesn’t mean your chest has to touch the ground. Well, having a larger bust size, they do anyways. That's why I prefer doing a plank instead!

large breast and plank

2. Laying face-down on my stomach

Not really a comfortable position for me. I’m always having to adjust and see if I can move them out of the way. 

3. Crumbs in my bra

Oh my goodness, yes! If I’m wearing a fitting clavicle-baring t-shirt, aka v-neck, it’s like a nest for crumbs. So annoying, but not the end of the world. 

4. Button up shirts are un-buttonable

I remember having to use a safety pin in the middle of my bust to keep the shirt from popping open. The key here to make this work is have a minimizer bra and/or wear a no padded bra. 

5. They don’t sit-up perky like in the movies

What can I say, mine are natural. 

6. They get in the way while doing a plow pose

I still have to breathe through it. At this point, my ujjayi breath is so focused.

7. Most don’t believe my size

Larger breasts don’t always mean voluptuous. Depending on brand and style, I could be 32G in a unlined plunging neckline bra, 32F in an unlined bra with a little more coverage, or 32DD in my own brand for the Balconette Sports Bra

large breasts

8. Small, medium, large bras never work for me

I always look like I have a weird uni-boob look and they never provide any type of support, not even for low-impact activities.

Despite the above problems, I learned to love my large breasts and my body!

Activate you. 

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