The best large size sports bra is shifting from traditional to versatile

The sports bra marketplace is filled with many brands to profess the no-bounce and maximum support. As a larger bust woman these attributes along with breathability and mobility are important, but what happened since the advent of large size sports bras? Aesthetically speaking there hasn’t been an evolution in large bust sports bras for a long time, at least not in the same way that we jumped from lingerie to sports bras to adapt to a greater affinity for sports. 


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This was fine in the beginning, but over time, our active lifestyles continued past sports and have become more dynamic and versatile. Today, we are not always looking for high-impact sports bras as modern times have influenced us to expand our wardrobes towards activewear.There’s a shift happening in women’s activewear right now.

The best large size sports bra for bustier women who need versatility in design and seek to integrate it as a primary bra in their activewear wardrobe is a balconette style inspired sports bra.

They are perfect for travel, hitting the gym, and flaunting around town because they provide support and comfort without compromising appeal. The Balconette Sports Bra by Wildrax fills this gap that has been missing in the athletic leisure world by inventing a new type of activewear called sportsgerie - a hybrid of stylish bras mixing sports bra and lingerie bra aesthetics. 

With its versatile style for active and daily wear, here are the three F’s for you to remember about the Balconette Sports Bra: Fit, Fabric, and Function.


With its plunging neckline and adjustable criss-cross straps, the Balconette Sports Bra offers a halter style design to emphasize one's natural shape while offering comfort and support.

Front zipper instead of a pullover bra that relies on compression. This makes it ideal to put on and take off. 

Low-cut and full side coverage encapsulated cup for a no uni-boob look. Thereby, providing style, comfort, and sophistication to fuel your confidence and charm.

Elastic band around the rib cage instead of a bra strap extender to mold easier to different body types. 


Quick dry provides fast evaporation and quickly draws moisture from the body to help keep you dry during your workout. 

Breathable back mesh panel helps keep you cool while maintaining adequate support by allowing air to pass through to your skin. This ensures that moisture does not remain trapped on your skin.

UV cut helps block and absorb UV rays to protect your skin during outdoor yoga sessions or on a long walk. 

Buttery soft fabric for bra cups with its fade resistant and long lasting anti-bacterial feature, it provides a cottony soft comfort.


As a luxurious and sporty sports bra, the Balconette Sports Bra is stylish choice to give the pantsuit-and-bra trend a whirl, show it off under a sheer top, or wear it for low- or medium-impact exercises, such as: 

  • walking
  • yoga
  • Pilates
  • barre
  • strength training
  • hiking
  • rowing
  • aerobics
  • cycling

Today the best large size sports bra for bustier women is a stylish balconette bra that encapsulates a hybrid of stylish bras mixing sports bra and lingerie bra aesthetics without compromising your comfort and support. 

Activate you.


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