Can you wear a sports bra everyday?

Sometimes you might wonder, “can I wear my sports bra everyday?” There are lingerie bras with underwire that feel like it’s digging in your ribs and against your sternum. The expressive examples below exclaimed by women regarding lingerie bras demonstrate the frustration that many bras don’t feel comfortable enough to be worn all day, everyday.

   “I wore a bra from 7am until 7:54pm. I deserve a prize!” 

   “I can’t wait to get home to take off my bra!” 

Sports bra everyday look

What’s the alternative? Can you wear sports bras all day, every day instead? For expressing your own style and with the lack of choices for stylistic sports bras in the marketplace, I don’t think so. The challenge with lingerie bras is we do need to search for the brand and style that works for each of us. Sometimes the band is too tight or the bra cups too small. You might just be wearing the wrong size for a particular brand. Check this video guide on how to measure your size properly.


Historically, sports bras were not designed to be sexy and only considered for sweaty workouts or sports activities, like sprinting, boxing, martial arts, and crossfit. I have never thought to wear a sports bra as part of any stylish outfit including athleisure. Their only purpose was for working out so stylish sports bras were limited. That’s why I‘m pioneering a new category in the luxury fashion world called sportsgerie


There are two ways to construct bras - structured and unstructured. 

  • For me the unstructured sports bras always caused the uniboob effect which is not a flattering look. I actually don’t feel free in it and more limited in my movements because of the wild bounce and a lack of minimum support.
  • For me the structured sports bras provided some support but lacked style. Don’t take what I’m saying out of context. Certain activities require less emphasis on aesthetic appeal and style so it’s more important to have the right kind of support.


But with activewear becoming everyday wear for many of us, I suppose we're now choosing comfort over appliqué, thus making the sports bra our everyday choice. Hopefully, you don’t want to follow just a fashion trend. You would rather stay true to your aesthetics and style. 

Activewear trends are a dominant look for today and a popular way of dressing. WILDRAX is an emerging niche brand empowering women to make their personal style iconic.

So if you want to wear a sports bra everyday, then the Balconette Sports Bra doesn't sacrifice style for comfort.

As a designer made luxury sports bra it has four strong qualities:

  1. designed with structural support bra cups to avoid side boob spillage
  2. power mesh fabric and adjustable cross-cross straps makes it super lightweight and breathable
  3. super-soft and moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you cool as you go about your day
  4. front-close zipper specifically created to stay put whether you're working out, running errands, or out on the town

Wildrax Vs Other Brands


It’s just perfect for your next day trip walking around a new city, spending the day outside at a music festival or a night out to grab drinks at your favorite restaurant with your friends.

Now you know what to look for If you want to wear a sports bra everyday. So take your measurements and order according to the size chart.

 Size Chart WILDRAX

Activate you.

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